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 Wall Removal 

 Architectual Plans required for the removal of a load bearing wall 

Transforming your apartment with a renovation project?
Removing a wall or two?
Re-waterproofing your bathroom?

Our team at Class 2 Architect can provide the necessary Architectural Drawings & Design Compliance Declaration for your NSW CDC Application.
Contact us today to learn more about our fast and comprehensive architectural services. 


Registered Design Practitioner for Class 2 Building

Class 2 Architect for Apartment Renovations

At Class 2 Architect, we specialise in simplifying the Complying Development Certificate (CDC) process for apartment owners in NSW. As registered Design Practitioners, we understand the complexities involved in apartment renovations and the importance of compliance with the Building Code of Australia. With our in-depth knowledge of the predetermined building standards, our team can develop architectural drawings that meet both your unique vision and the necessary guidelines. From providing waterproofing details for bathroom renovations to reconfiguring living spaces by removing walls, our Class 2 registered architects create detailed plans that align with your specific needs while ensuring compliance. Obtaining a CDC is a mandatory requirement for apartment renovations in a Class 2 building. We handle all the essential drawings and specification documentation, ensuring accuracy and completeness to expedite the submission to the Private Certifier. By entrusting us with this task you can ensure a smooth process for a quick commencement of your renovation. If you're planning a renovation in a multi-dwelling building, engaging the services of a Class 2 Registered Design Practitioner is crucial. Class 2 Architect provides the expertise and experience necessary to guide you through this specialised process, ensuring compliance and efficient execution. Contact us today to simplify your CDC process and embark on your apartment renovation journey with confidence. Let Class 2 Architect help you transform your apartment into the space you've always envisioned.

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What is a Class 2 Building? 

what is a class 2 building

Under the NSW Government, Class 2 Buildings are usually multi-storey, multi-unit apartment buildings or mix-use buildings (shops and apartments). Since people live above and below each other, special rules are applied for building works and renovations to ensure protection of all residents’ health, safety, and welfare.


Types of Class 2 buildings include:


  • Multi-residential apartments 

  • Single-storey attached dwellings with common space underneath 

  • A dwelling with a granny flat vertically attached 

  • Mixed-use buildings with Class 2 parts such as:

    • Apartment building with shops on the first floor 

    • Apartment building with offices occupying some floors 

Why Do You Need Class 2 Architects for Apartment Renovation?

The Design and Building Practitioners Act (DBP) clearly indicates that renovation, fit outs or building works which affects one of the five building elements listed below require strict compliance to the Building Code of Australia. This can include repairs, remediation, or renovation. The parts of a building (known as the 'building elements') covered by the laws include: 1. the fire safety systems 2. waterproofing 3. internal/external load bearing walls 4. Building component part of the building enclosure 5. Building services (mechanical, plumbing, electrical) A Class 2 Registered Architects (or a Design Practitioner) are the only Architects who can provide you with the required drawings and signed Design Compliance Declarations you will need to lodge on the NSW Planning Portal. This is to assist with ease of tracking in the case of defects or issues in the future. Our team collaborates with other Class 2 registered practitioners (Eg Structural engineers, services engineers) to ensure compliance with regulations and effectively handle all required paperwork for submission with the Private Certifier.


Our Services

Our team will collaborate with you, your engineer, and builder to guarantee complete and accurate documentation to submit to your private certifier to obtain your Complying Development Certificate (CDC).

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Apartment Renovations with Registered Design Practitioners 

With the increasing interest rates and house values increasing there has been a shift in home owners staying where they are and improving the design of the current spaces.
This has lead to  increasing demand for apartment renovations to maximise exiting spaces and improve their apartment design.

Some common ways to transform your apartment include: 

  • Expand the living space for a seamless transition between rooms

  • Reconfigure bathroom layouts for a more considered design

  • Remove or add walls to maximise usable space

  • Change apartment layouts to take advantage of natural light and ventilation

Our certified Design Practitioners are fully skilled and experienced to help you with all building and renovation works. We’ve helped owners transform their spaces, from removal of load-bearing walls to reconfiguring their bathrooms and changing apartment layouts, we have the expertise for all of it.

Why Choose Our Services? 

If you are considering renovating your apartment, please reach out for a free quote from Class 2 Architects. From the drawings and advice for your CDC application to referrals to reliable builders and contractors, we can support you during the process.



Assistance on complete documentation for the CDC 

We have Registered Design practitioners to prepare your architectural drawings and specifications for your proposed development that comply with Australian Building Standards.


Quick turnaround times 

We have a skilled and qualified team to help with the building and renovation work. Whether you need to remove a wall in the living room or want to renovate your bathroom and re waterproof, our team will work towards your timeframes for a quick turnaround.


Registered Practitioners

Our team consists of Class 2 experienced architects with the required qualifications and experience to meet the requirement of Design Practitioner in NSW. You can be assured of getting quality work when you hire us.

Our Process


Consultation Phase

In our first meeting we discuss your proposed works and renovation ideas for your apartment. We determine what the current and proposed layouts look like and which other professional services may be required (eg engineers) and which Certifier you’ll be working with.

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Documentation Phase 

Once you have approved the design, we move forward with collaborating with the other Engineers to prepare accurate and complete documentation for you and your Private Certifier to review.

Engineers and Businesspeople

Delivery Phase 

Once we issue our final signed package (with Architectural Drawings, signed Design Compliance Declaration and Specification sheet) we can then recommend Class 2 Builders to complete the renovation project. Our team are contactable throughout the entire process, and we can support you through its completion.

If you have any questions related to Class 2 building renovation work or want to request a quote, give us a call today.

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