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Load Bearing Wall Removal in Sydney

Expert Wall Removal in Sydney

Transform the flow of your home entirely by removing or reconfiguring an internal wall. It is the quickest, most efficient, and easiest way to maximise space in an existing layout. 


At Class 2 Architect, we provide the necessary documentation required that will allow you to update your apartment layout as the initial step for a wall removal service in Sydney.  Our team consists of qualified and experienced Class 2 registered architects who adhere to the Australian Building Standards when developing renovation plans. 


We understand that wall removal can serve various purposes, such as creating additional space, maximising natural light, or altering the layout of your apartment. No matter your needs, our architects will design customised plans to fulfil them.


To ensure safe load-bearing wall removal in your apartment,we recommend working with us and qualified class 2 engineers and buildings for quality results. 


What are the Benefits of Wall Removal? 

Do you want to make a big change to your existing floor plan with minimum investment? Then, reconfiguring your space with a wall removal or two is your best choice. 


Add More Space And Light

Do you want a larger living space with a more open feel, bathed with natural light? Do you want a more seamless transition between rooms? If yes, you can look to improve your internal space by considering safe load bearing wall removal. These changes can improve the flow and functionality of your space giving it a more modern feel.

Update And Modernise

Older apartment layouts tend to be very segregated with little consideration to flow and space maximisation. If you live in an older property, then looking at a wall removal can be a highly effective way to modernise and update the space. 


Adds Value And Appeal

Often, the true potential of space remains concealed until a wall is removed. Removing a wall can transform a closed-in and small kitchen into a bright and spacious area entertaining space blending in the kitchen with the living/dining rooms, greatly enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your apartment. It allows you to showcase the prize areas of your home, typically your kitchen and living rooms and create a visually stunning environment that you can display proudly.



Load Bearing Wall Removal in Sydney 

A load-bearing wall is constructed to provide support to the ceiling or roof of your apartment. Consequently, removing these walls with our properly certified consultants could be risky as it may weaken the property structure. Class 2 Architect specialises in the documentation required for load bearing wall removal in apartments in New South Wales. We have qualified and skilled architects with the experience and expertise to prepare the required drawings inline with the Building code of Australia. Load-bearing wall removal should only occur after you receive a sign off from a Private Certifier or Council Approval after submitting all the required documentation. To be considered safe it is crucial to engage the services of professional experts to guarantee the complete safety of your property and its occupants. We can recommend Class 2 builders to support you to ensure a secure and successful renovation project.

Renovate Your Home with Wall Removal 

Wall removal is one of the easiest ways to renovate your apartment space. You can redesign a cramped floor plan opening up the space and improving flow between rooms and enhancing the natural light throughout your apartment. 


If you have been reviewing pinterest boards or designs for apartment bathroom renovations in Sydney, you know that reconfiguring your bathroom or removing a wall can be an excellent way to maximise the space in your bathroom.

Call Class 2 Architect today to discuss your wall removal ideas and how to maximise your space.

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