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Complying Development Certificate 

Class 2 Architect

The NSW Government introduced Complying Development Certificates (CDC) as a new initiative to remove complexity and red tape for home/apartment construction, renovation/improvements as an alternative to lodging a development application (DA).


It fast tracks and combines planning and construction approval for development that meets pre-determined development guidelines. These are assessed by a Private Certifier and electronically lodged via the NSW Planning Portal.

But before any work can commence a Regulated Design prepared by a Class 2 Architect must be submitted.

These laws apply to Class 2 Buildings which include:

  • Multi residential apartments

  • Single storey attached dwelling with common space underneath

  • A dwelling with a granny flat attached (common wall)

  • Mixed use buildings with a Class 2 parts such as:

    • Apartment building with shops on the first floor

    • Apartment building with offices occupying some floors

    • Apartment building with a carpark

Accelerate Your Complying Development Certificate Process

If you're an apartment owner in NSW looking to renovate your space you may be able to fast track your planning and construction approval with a Complying Development Certificate (CDC) instead of the Development Application process. The ability to use a CDC depends on several factors which need to be checked at the start of the assessment process. The Development Application process is typically for major changes and involves a longer process requiring your Local Council to initially assess your plans against Local Environmental Policy (LEP) and the Development Control Plan (DCP) and then assessment of your construction documentation to issue your Construction Certificate, as you can see, a lengthy process. At Class 2 Architect, we specialize in supporting you through the CDC process preparing quickly and accurately all the documentation required for you to submit on the NSW Planning Portal to gain planning approval for your proposed renovation. With Class 2 Architect, you gain access to a team of experienced architects who are committed to delivering excellence. Our meticulous attention to detail and extensive knowledge of local council regulations set us apart.

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What is a Complying Development Certificate (CDC)?

A Complying Development Certificate is a combined approval for both planning and construction plans of a development. A CDC can be obtained only when the development complies with all relevant legislation and building standards.

The CDC process offers a streamlined approval pathway established by the NSW Government.  It operates independently of local council regulations, granting significant advantages.  Therefore working with an apartment renovation architect you can speed up steps required for the CDC without the need for approval from the local council. The building work can commence without any delay.

Why Choose Us to Obtain Your CDC? 

When it comes to securing a Complying Development Certificate (CDC), you can rely on us to provide a seamless experience with a focus on accuracy and efficiency. Here's why you should trust and choose us:

Choosing us as your Design Practitioner as part of your Complying Development Certificate ensures a smooth and efficient process, allowing you to focus on your renovation goals. Contact us today to experience our reliable services firsthand.

What Do You Need Before CDC? 

Before you submit your application for a Complying Development Certificate to the private certifier, you must first gather a Section 10.7 Certificate. Local councils in NSW can issue planning certificates, which are legal documents that set out planning information for your property. It is strongly recommended that a 10.7certificate is obtained prior to starting. This will streamline the initial steps in preparing your complying development application. A planning certificate will answer many questions up front and save time in preparing your CDC application.


For further information in the CDC process please refer to the NSW Department of Planning and Environment

Who Can Issue a CDC?

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