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A Detailed Guide to Apartment Renovation Process

Planning for an apartment renovation in Sydney can be an exciting adventure, allowing you to create a personalised space that reflects your unique style, preferences, and lifestyle. Whether you want to modernise outdated elements, increase functionality, or elevate the overall visual appeal, the possibilities are endless.

For a successful apartment renovation, it is essential to hire a certified and experienced apartment architect who can design the changes you envision for your home. In this blog, we will explore the steps involved in a successful renovation journey.

1. Evaluate Your Apartment's Current State

Before initiating the renovation process, you must conduct a comprehensive evaluation of your apartment's existing condition. Take note of the crucial areas that need an immediate attention first, such as damaged flooring, damp walls, or plumbing issues. It could also be that your apartment needs no fixing, and your renovation goal is to enhance the aesthetics of the space. It is important to do this initial assessment as it lays the groundwork for prioritising tasks and resource allocation.

2. Craft a Realistic Budget and Timeline

When it comes to apartment renovation, finances play a major role. Every step of the renovating process requires certain expenses, such as acquiring approvals for the proposed renovation through Private Certifiers and even your Strata Committee and , raw materials, labour costs, and other unexpected contingencies. Your apartment architect can recommend professional and competitively priced consultants to assist with your project. It is advisable to keep aside a little extra funds to account for unforeseen delays. Homeowners must also decide on a prospective timeline for each renovation phase, ensuring a well-organised and on-track process.

3. Define Your Renovation Objectives

Before hiring an architect, you must determine your ultimate renovation objective and need. Are you aiming to optimise functionality, enhance aesthetics, or create a more spacious living and dining space? Identify what are your end goals and what results you want to achieve. Accordingly, you have to channel your resources toward fulfilling these objectives. It is important to have a clear understanding of your renovation goals as they decide the rest of your decisions throughout the renovation journey.

4. Research and Enlist a Proficient Renovation Team or Contractor

Once you have a plan for your renovation, it's time to hire a Class 2 Registered Builder. Conduct thorough research and gather quotes from multiple vendors to assess their services, expertise, and pricing, we can recommend experienced and highly rates builders. It is imperative to ascertain that the chosen builder has the necessary licensing, insurance, and experience in apartment renovations. For example, if your apartment is in a Class 2 building, you need a Class 2 certified Builder and even Engineer.

5. Forge a Comprehensive Renovation Plan

With an architect on board, it is now time to come up with a structured renovation plan, this could be working with our Interior Design team to provide the ideal layout for maximising your space. Ensure the renovated floor plans and drawings align with your goals and preferences. Divide your project into manageable tasks, encompassing activities such as electrical updates, plumbing overhauls, flooring installations, and fixture replacements.

6. Preparation for Your Apartment Renovation

When planning for an apartment renovation in Sydney, it is imperative to follow the regulations set by National Construction Code in Australia. Projects like bathroom renovations, electrical or plumbing upgrades, or substantial alterations typically demand a Complying Development Certificate or a Development Application. Before initiating any project, your you must engage with the Local Council or Private Certifier to secure the essential certifications and authorisations. Compliance is mandatory to prevent any potential legal entanglements in the future.


Apartment renovations are a splendid opportunity to modify your living space into a personalised haven. You can achieve great outcomes with careful planning, attention to detail, and the right team standing alongside you.

If you’re looking for experienced professionals in apartment renovation in Sydney, contact our team.


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